CS 708 Implant | Ortho

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Hits all the spots thanks to the perfect bend

Behind wires, on lingual braces, fixed dentures, even below implants – wherever cleaning is particularly tricky. The handle of the CS 708 is flexible; its head can be infinitely bent, thus guaranteeing the perfect cleaning angle. The head features seven tufts of fine Curen® filaments. It is small and compact, yet extremely efficient at removing plaque.

在電線後面,舌括號,固定義齒,甚至植入物下方 - 無論何時清潔都特別棘手。 CS 708的手柄是靈活的; 它的頭部可以無限彎曲,從而保證完美的清潔角度。 頭部有七簇精細的Curen®長絲。 它小而緊湊,但在去除牙菌斑方面非常有效。