Enzycal 950 PPM

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A mild anti-caries toothpaste for everyday use with 950 ppm sodium fluoride. Its mild SLS-free formula and lack of strong essential oils significantly reduce mouth ulcers. Enzycal contains three important enzymes to boost the body’s own antibacterial saliva system: for noticeably less plaque and less tartar. Ideal for use with sonic toothbrushes. So mild, it even helps combat mouth ulcers.

含有950 ppm氟化鈉的溫和抗齲牙膏,適合日常使用。 其溫和的無SLS配方和缺乏強力精油顯著減少口腔潰瘍。 Enzycal含有三種重要的酶來促進身體自身的抗菌唾液系統:明顯減少牙菌斑和減少牙垢。 適用於聲波牙刷。 如此溫和,甚至有助於對抗口腔潰瘍。