[BE YOU] 6 taste pack with CS 5460

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The beginner’s six pack: all six new bold toothpaste flavours in one package. Try them all one after another. Taste, feel and decide which suits you best. Your day. Your mood.

What they have in common: natural ingredients and herbal essences combined in new ways for oral health and whiter teeth with menthol power pearls for long-lasting wow! freshness
The difference: actually just the taste and colour. Our bold little taste explosions all have different ways of winning you over.
What matters: just you. You decide. Your ritual, your feeling, your choice.

A great six pack that takes no exercise at all. The days of boring toothpaste are over. Today, there’s BE YOU.

初學者的六包:所有六種新的大膽牙膏口味都在一個包裝中。 一個接一個地嘗試它們。 品嚐,感受和決定哪種最適合你。 你的一天。 你的心情。

它們有什麼共同之處:天然成分和草本精華結合了新的口腔健康方式和更白的牙齒和薄荷力珍珠,持久哇! 新鮮
區別:實際上只是味道和顏色。 我們大膽的小口味爆炸都有不同的方式來贏得你。
重要的是:只有你。 你決定。 你的儀式,感受,你的選擇。

一個偉大的六包,完全不需要鍛煉。 無聊牙膏的日子結束了。 今天,有你吧。