CPS Prime Interdental Brushes

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Space-filling, effective and gentle: CURAPROX interdental brushes clean the entire critical interdental space effectively and without injury: from the gum line over the concave niches to right under the contact point. Even the tiniest interdental spaces are dealt with without risk of injury – thanks to CURAL®, the ultra-thin and extra strong surgical wire that makes a single cleaning movement sufficient: once in and out. Done.

空間填充,有效和柔和:CURAPROX牙縫擦有效且無傷害地清潔整個關鍵的齒間空間:從凹形壁龕上的牙齦線到接觸點正下方。 即使最微小的齒間空間也可以在沒有受傷風險的情況下進行處理 - 這要歸功於CURAL®,這種超薄且超強的手術線可以使單次清潔運動充足:一次進出。完成。