How to take a morning to a whole new level


🌞 Wake up at the right time during the sleep cycle.  

During sleep, the body cycles through different sleep stages. Light sleep starts when we begin to drift in and out of sleep and our body only needs a nudge to wake up. The deepest part of sleep is the hardest to wake up from.

This is why waking up during the light sleep stage is important. Fitness trackers or apps like Sleep Cycle or SleepScore will monitor the sleep stages and wake up just at the right time.

🌞 Work out before breakfast.  

Working out on an empty stomach helps us burn excess fat, instead of just using energy gained during breakfast. Early morning workouts also boost the energy levels for the day, improve blood circulation and help get rid of unwanted kilos.

🌞 A quick round with an interdental brush.  

80% of cavities and almost all inflammations in the mouth originate in the space between the teeth. To clean that area, use an interdental brush.

The soft bristles of interdental brushes remove dental plaque much more effectively than waxed dental floss.