FAQ dialogue @ CURAPROX Cafe



Sam: WHY do you want to choose CURAPROX 5460?
Sally: Because I care about my health.
Sam: HOW does CURAPROX help improve my health?
Sally: CURAPROX believes your overall health STARTS in your mouth so they make fine tools like CS 5460 Ultra Soft toothbrushes for you to clean your teeth and gums.
Sam: HOW does 5460 fine bristles work?
Sally: It cleans effectively and efficiently.  When you do your daily routine, you want to make sure it is worth your effort.
Sam: HOW effective is 5460 bristles in cleaning my teeth?
Sally: It takes away plaque with fewer strokes than average toothbrush and improves blood circulation while ultra soft bristles massages gums.  
Sam: HOW effective is 5460 bristles in improving my health?
Sally: Removing plaque and massaging gums 5460 times better every day is 5460 times more effective towards improving your health.  The ultra fine bristles are gentle and swift with your brushing strokes.  Many people damage their enamel when they brush too hard with poorly made toothbrushes.
Sam: HOW LONG does it take to brush my teeth?
Sally: 2 minutes, but you are done cleaning when it’s clean, so it takes as long as it takes.
Sam: How do you know when my teeth are clean?
Sally: With CURAPROX, you can feel it’s cleaned with your tongue against your teeth.  It feels smooth after brushing, and areas that are not clean will feel rough.


Sam: DO I HAVE TO brush my tongue too?
Sally: Yes!  A lot of bacteria resides on your tongue. You can follow up with our tongue cleaner after your daily brushing routine.


Sam: When can I see an improvement on the cleaniness of my teeth?
Sally: You actually immediately feel a difference in the cleaniness after using CS 5460 compared to normal toothbrushes.  However, if you want to have healthy teeth and gums, you have to consistently keep brushing twice daily in order to keep a good dental hygiene.